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National Executive

The BFU-USA National Executive is responsible for ensuring that the activities of BFU-USA are aligned with its mission and vision. All officers on the National Executive are volunteers, and serve without financial compensation. Here are the individuals who have accepted to serve the union under the leadership of the newly elected National President, Shey Louis Ntasin. Welcome Team Ntasin!

Ray Bannavti
President & Chief Executive Officer     (CEO)

Shufai Ngamantse America (B. Banteh)
Executive Vice President

Judith Balon
Chief Operations Officer
Elvis Sanyuy
Assistant Vice President (AVP) Operations

Bianca Kongnyuy
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Emmanuel lives and works as an Engineer in New York. He is passionate about development of infrastructure, education, lifelong learning and living an active lifestyle.
Emmanuel Nubosi Wiyenka
Director of Finance (DoF)
Gwen Kuvinyu-Aza
Director of Treasury Management (DTM)

Lilian Shulika Tatah
Vice President, Talent and Leadership Development (TLD)

Amulen-Lalaf Wirsiy
Assistant Vice President, Talent and Leadership Development (AVP-TLD)
Godlove Berinyuy
Assistant Vice President, Talent and Leadership Development (AVP-TLD)
Fai Taawong
Vice President, Cultural Services (CS)
Shey Fred Tabung (MD)
Vice President, Educational Services (ES)
Dominic Fobi is a passionate young leader based in Charlotte, North Carolina who derives great satisfaction from making a positive impact on his community. His prosperous career in the technology sector has significantly impacted the success of numerous Fortune 500 companies. Beyond his professional pursuits, Dominic finds joy in mentoring youths and guiding them towards diverse opportunities within the technology industry.
Dominic Fobi
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Dr Caro Asogha Shemlon
Vice President, Health Services (HS)
Shufai Nsobahti (MD)
BFU-USA Ambassador
Tobias Kihdze
Family Assistance Program (FAP) Administrator
Lawir Muhammed
Assistant Administrator for FAP

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